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Vendors hereby agree to follow and fulfill the below Terms and Conditions, in addition to those listed in the Terms and Conditions – All Site Users, as a requirement to selling precious metals on the myBullion platform. 

Selling to others

myBullion aims to maintain a trustworthy platform, however you accept that there are risks when selling bullion online. You will not hold myBullion responsible for other users actions or inactions. We are not a party to the contracts for sale between yourself and a buyer. myBullion does not have control over and does not guarantee the ability of buyers to fulfil their contractual obligations to you. You should consider our user review and ratings system before transacting with a buyer. If a buyer breaches any obligation to you, then you alone – not myBullion – is responsible for enforcing any rights that you may have. If you have a dispute with a buyer, you release us from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.

Vendor fees

myBullion will levy upon the Vendor a listing fee for the use of services of the website. The fee shall be communicated and paid for by the Vendor prior to being actioned. 

Account Standing

A vendor agrees to maintain their vendor account in good standing – as monitored via customer reviews.  Negative feedback with justifiable cause may result in the reassessment of your account.

Vendor data protection obligations

The Vendor hereby undertakes to not under any circumstances, share or sell any data of the users recieved through any means via the myBullion website to any third party. The Vendor understands and agrees that the myBullion website is available for access in the public domain. Therefore, myBullion cannot be held liable for any actions of a third party which may include but are not limited to unauthorized sharing/downloading/using of images uploaded by the vendor, or any other intellectual property. Any breach of intellectual property of the Vendor in the public domain of the portal would not give rise to any kind of liability for myBullion.

Vendor liability

The vendor hereby commits to not engage in any criminal, tortious or unlawful misconduct while using myBullion. You acknowledge that myBullion shall not be held responsible for any civil or criminal liability that may arise due to conduct in carrying out any transaction as a vendor. This may include but is not limited to cheating, fraud, non-delivery and/or lapse in quality of items. Further, you agree that in case such liability arises, you will indemnify myBullion for the same as per the conditions of Indemnity Clause.

Vendor indemnity clause

The vendor hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, or save harmless myBullion in case of any liability, claim, actions, legal suits, petitions, damages or losses, expenses or liabilities that may arise as a result of any direct or indirect action undertaken by the vendor. These actions may include any kind of civil wrong, criminal offense, tax liability, breach of duty towards customers, non-delivery of goods, delivery of sub-standard quality of goods, breach of commercial duty towards a customer, payment issues with customers, refund to customers, breach of contractual obligation towards customers etc.

Account termination

The vendor agrees that should you breach any of the terms listed in this agreement, myBullion reserves the right to suspend, disable, or delete your account at any time, in its sole discretion, and without prior warning.

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