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The marketplace to trade your precious metal coins bars and rounds.


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Melbourne CBD Services

Live, work or play in Melbourne? Then take advantage of the services we offer members with full verifcation willing to meet us at a public CBD location:

FREE Melbourne CBD Delivery


Cut out the middleman and save on shipping costs! We’ll meet you at a time and location that’s convenient for you to provide your recently purchased precious metals.

FREE Melbourne CBD Collection


Selling to myBullion? Then have peace of mind by handing your item directly to us, again at a convenient time and location for you!

$30 XRF Analysis and Certification


Meet with us to provide your item, and we’ll take it back with us to have it XRF tested and certified. This service is limited to serialized items only.

Once your account has full verification a booking form will be displayed here


  • Booking requests for orders exceeding $5,000 in value or surpassing 5kg in weight will need to be split over several days. We’ll arrange this with you upon making your booking request.

  • Meeting locations must be publicly accessible. We do not provide these services within apartment blocks or office spaces. 
  • XRF Analysis and Certification will only be conducted on serialized items. This process may take up to 24 hours, so upon completion we will contact you to schedule the items return.

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