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For beginning precious metal investors, one of the most difficult choices is deciding which metal to invest in. Each metal has its own unique market and investment characteristics, making it hard to choose exactly which metal is best. Further complicating matters is the fact that precious metal bullion comes in several different forms.


The Precious Metals We Offer




A long-standing favorite of precious metals investors, gold has been used as a store of value for thousands of years. Gold is known as an investment that tends to hold its value well during economic slowdowns, and which can ride out major recessions quite well. Gold is also an excellent hedge during periods of high inflation compared to cash investments. While gold is a great investment, the cost of buying significant quantities of gold can be a bit prohibitive for some newer investors.




Silver has the huge advantage of being relatively inexpensive compared to gold, making it easier to get started with a small amount of money and build a portfolio from scratch by making smaller investments periodically over time. Silver’s widespread use for industrial purposes, including in the fast-growing solar energy sector, also provides support for the metal’s price.


Types of Bullion We Offer




When it comes to flexibility as an investment medium, bars are the clear winner among precious metals investments. The advantage of metal bars is they’re made in many different weights and sizes.




Gold and silver coins can make very good investments because they have some unique characteristics of their own. Unlike rounds or bars, bullion coins can carry a certain amount of collector value. 



Rounds are popular with new investors because they tend to be relatively easy to invest in. Most rounds are made of silver or copper, but you can find a few gold rounds on the market as well. Rounds typically weigh between one and five troy ounces, making them reasonably flexible when it comes to choosing the amount of metal you want to buy at any one time. Most rounds also have beautiful designs on them, which makes investing in precious metals just a bit more enjoyable than it already is.


Great Micromosaic Passion 3 oz Silver Coin - Reverse (myBullion)

Numismatic coins are considered collectible and are primarily valued for their rarity and beauty, and not as much for their actual metal content. In fact, Numismatic coins are generally worth more than their metal content. 

What Should You Buy?

 We recommend doing your own research before purchasing precious metals.  They can provide a useful and effective means of diversifying a portfolio. The trick to achieving success with them is to know your goals and risk profile before jumping in.


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